Monday, October 19, 2009

thoughts just thoughts..

christmas is coming.. yes its coming.. i can feel the cool breeze of the season..
now i am thinking how did i spend the year? have i spent it the way i should?
have i grown maturely? OMG.. i think i am still the old rowena.. so naive and immature..
though i have my learnings but still they did not contribute much.. :(


  1. yeah you have grown already... grown big as in lingin hahahah

  2. i love the "old" and "current" wena.. :)
    kung dli nako night shift wengs.. badominton ta! ahahahahaha para ma closeness mo ni ********... ahahahaha.. ako inyo bridge!

  3. hahahaha.. amew jd oi.. ayw pg ana corz oi.. ikw rjd ng lain ug sabot ana dah.. dli ko nahan hngana nga breed oi.. =)) btw, nganu mn sab tawn naabot na sa imong mind oi? tsk tsk

  4. ko ka gee sa asterisk2x..although nana koi gihuna-huna kinsa :D hahahaha!

  5. ayw nlng jd kring.. dli jd na mao imong gthink.. weird kau ug gthink c corie ai.. as in.. murag out of the blue rjd na kau.. as in.. =))

  6. hot kaayo ka wengs.. relax lang gud.. joke2x ra man na.. sungog2x... dli napud ka pwede ma joke-kan karon? hehehe...

    and.. dli na cya weird noh..
    kuan na cya wengs... possibility! :D