Wednesday, October 14, 2009


when i was young, i told myself that i would only have one boyfriend and that one man would eventually be my husband. thats one of the reasons, i never entertained guys during college.. though i didn't also have much suitors (hehehe..) and another thing is guys see me as one of them.. they never see the lady in me.. poor them.. hahaha..

then one day, an officemate introduced him to me.. this officemate told me that this guy had noticed me already but i was not giving him attention. (i could not even remember seeing him at the next building which i usually visit).so that was what happened.. when i finally got to know him, i saw something in his eyes and the way he smiles and that made me think that he is the one.. i really don't know why but at that very moment, i felt that. its just weird..

after the introduction, the guy is frequently visiting our office though i did not know if thats the same count as before. then one day he asked for my number, the officemate (the bridge) gave him. so eventually we dated and the rest is history.

now that its over, i've realized that one could not just say to only have one boyfriend in a lifetime.. that thing happened in order for me to be prepared for my great true love.. :D for me to know the dos and donts of a great relationship.. looking forward to that.. :)


  1. ahehe.. btaw, practice makes perfect.. :))

  2. do it this way Weng, make it simple, accept as many suitors then choose the best one. always think of these 3 things 1) mindset 2) love 3) money..make sure everything is there otherwise ur gonna regret like me. cheers!!