Wednesday, October 7, 2009

after a year...

it's been a year since you walked away and chose to follow your dreams.. i really thought that we could make it through in spite of the distance but sad to say that all things have an ending..

what if i did not let you walk away? would you and i be still together?
what if i chose to trust you? would you not hurt me again?
what if i did not let go? would u hold me tight?...

so many what ifs but we could not bring back the time and the trust that has been broken is not easy to regain..

it is hard seeing you walked away but its even harder seeing you happy with someone else.

i know we have done our part to make this work and i know the best thing for me to do is move forward and live a life without you.. but after doing almost everything, its still you that i need and want.. you are still my reason to smile.. you are still my very reason for everything.. maybe in time.. in time i will be okay.. in time..

thank you and i am sorry for every wrong i've done to you and to the relationship we once had..


  1. hahahaha! ka drama ani oist! :))

  2. there's no use looking back or wondering..
    what it could be now or might have been..
    all this i know but still i can't find ways to let you gooooo..
    i never had a dream come true..
    till the day that i found you...

    kulang ra nah videoke weng!! kanta ta nah!! hihih.. :D

  3. @kring: cge lng gd.. hehehe.. in time u know..
    @dei: hahahaha.. ka remember jd ko sa song.. hahahahaha.. btw kanta ta nah.. pro busy pko karn mn :( sa wedding and all.. :P next time kanta ta..

  4. @bryan: ngita sako ug groom bry.. =))