Thursday, December 1, 2016

I am back!

Hey there blog! It's been a long time. 😁 Anyways, I remember you as I walked home. So here I am again, trying to write and hopefully I will improve it over time. So you'd be seeing me a lot here, I guess. hehe!

Now I don't know what to write in here.. oh well! I am not articulate in writing but anyways, how about this, let's talk about the awesome thing I did today at my workplace (it's a small thing though), I gave someone food. Actually, I have been thinking of giving that person food whenever I see him selling tissues in a wheelchair but for so long, was not able to do it coz I was afraid he might not accept it or he might say I need money more than food. But today, I had the guts to do that, my officemate even told me to just harden my heart to whatever his reaction might be. But alas! when I handed him the food saying Merry Christmas, he smiled and say thank you! How happy I was to hear that. It's really just a small thing but the happiness I had upon seeing him smile was so great. So with that, I've realized that happiness is not just merely receiving things but in giving as well. So how about let's make it a goal to help or give others a small piece of us and let's see how can this make a difference in our lives. Till next time.. 😉

Saturday, November 17, 2012

missing someone

The sad thing about missing someone is we don't even know if that someone misses us too. Well I do really miss you, as always. But I am tired of feeling this pain over and over again. So I am pulling myself back up. And I am sorry but I just want you to know that I still believe in you. Its you I believe and I don't care what other people has to say about you. I don't even care if how many times I get hurt for feeling this way. I am pathetic, guess I am. I have heard that from my best friend and I get that but you're the one who told me to keep it real so I am keeping this real, I like you as in a lot but I know I have to let go of this feeling for the obvious reason. So take care of yourself and if you're gonna do something stupid, sure I will be there to punch you in the face. I will always be your friend not because of the promise we've made but because I want to. :) 

Monday, October 1, 2012


Call me crazy, stupid and dumb but its still you and I still choose you. What happened, happened and so be it. I don't want to pretend anymore that I got over you because honestly I have not. Maybe in time, in time. :) Though I am happy, I chose to be happy. But at the end of the day, I still think about you and its still you. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Its better this way.. :)

I have thrown all the quotes/letters i have made for you.
Does this mean that I am really moving forward?
I really hope so. :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If I believed

If I believed - Patti Austin
If I believed in paradise
I'd swear I must be there
I'd swear I must be there right now with you
If I believed in miracles
I'd know that one was happening to me
But if I don't believe in paradise
Then miracles aren't real
Then someone tell me what is this I feel
I wanna believe it's love this time
I wanna believe my heart's not telling me a lie
But with you I can't deny
if I believed in paradise
I'd swear I'm there
If I believed in magic spells
It all would be so clear
'Cause magic spells must have brought you here
If I could see the future
I'd see if you and I were meant to be
But I dont know any magic
And tomorrow's just a dream
But something in this fantasy is real
I wanna believe it's love this time
I wanna believe my heart's not telling me a lie
I wanna believe it's love this time
I wanna believe my heart's not telling me a lie
But with you I cant deny
If I believed in paradise
I'd swear I'm there
I'm there
I'm there
If I believed.

--Listening to this song makes me wanna cry. Especially the chorus part.
Yes, I want to believe that its love and my heart is not telling me a lie.
But sometimes its just so hard to trust my heart after all that has happened.
And I am also not that confident in us anymore :(


So confused and I don't know why. :( 

Friday, August 3, 2012

reward! :)

Omg! Now I am officially broke. :( Just spend around too much on something, hopefully it will be worth it. Then again I have thought about this for so long now and besides I have worked hard on the past few weeks, so its time for me to reward myself. yey!