Sunday, October 25, 2009

its never easy...

Last Saturday, October 24, 2009, me and asi friends went to liloan to go fishing and to celebrate the birthday of dario-san and joey-san. It was really, really fun. The weather was great, the food was great and not to mention many :P, the people were great.. of course, nothing compares to those teenager-like guys :))

The day ended so well. I never thought that's how much ive missed those people, the laughter we shared is beyond compare.. :) That was a great day indeed.. though we have grown in a way or another still we are always sharing that jokes and those conversations that even others might think to be skanky.. (so corny and skanky, u know :P), but we dont really care at all.. we dont give a damn... :P

With that experience, ive realized that it is never easy to fish.. its never easy to stay up in the sun and wait for a fish to get hooked. so its not really easy to be a fisherman.. though that's not the only way to fish still it's never easy. hehehe..

And another realization is that its neither easy to be a fish, imagine people throw food just to get you allured and then try to pull you up with that very annoying hook.. :P

So its never easy to be living in this world but its worth the thrill and the experience... my utmost thank you to all :)

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  1. hahahaha! yup sis! it's never that easy to be a FISH and a FISHERMAN! hahahaha! in fairness la gyud koi na hooked..mypa lalake nalang tong mga isda, naa pa guro koi maelad :D

    nya lingaw gyud au sad miss pud gyud nako cla ug maayo..hehehe..looking forward to more laags soon...mwah!