Sunday, September 25, 2011

Feeling of belongingness :P

Ristie's arrival is something i have been waiting for. Not just for the pasalubongs but the fact that a friend wherein i can say i originally belonged to. When ristie left for japan, gamay was outsourced and kring left alliance was one of the hardest.. i really felt i was alone. Though that thing enabled me to find new friends still the feeling of loneliness was there. And now that she's back i am really so happy i know this is only for a while but its fine for i am also leaving. :-)

This past week was so busy aside from being busy at the office, i was busy of dining out which has cost me 2lbs.huhuhu. Just wanna say thank you to ristie for all the pasalubongs, the freebies :P, the day at coco palms, the pictorial and all.. thank you! Thank you for being back, somehow it made my last days at alliance wonderful.. :D