Tuesday, October 13, 2009

it never was..

life may not always be what we wanted..but it will always be what is necessary. at times we may wonder all the whys in the world but only if we just trust the One above all those whys will be answered not be in that very moment but in time. i'm in a difficult aspect in life that i often wonder how the others got through with it that fast and easy.. little did i know that they too felt the way i feel now. they just showed it in a different form and handled it nicely. last night i promise would be the last time i would be affected by it.. its time for me to move forward yes forward. i will not look back anymore, those what ifs are now answered. so there is nothing left for me to do except run.. yes run!. someone told me that he is not worthy of my time and that someone is right.. it was not my fault it never was.. (defensive but true :P).

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