Sunday, October 18, 2009

am i?

here i am wondering what is this
but i could not quite comprehend yet
i am not sure if am ready to get hurt
coz for sure in the end this gonna hurt me like crazy :(

so for now, i would lift this to the one above
im secure and quite sure he has plans
whether this feeling is right or not
in time i will know..

i just need to trust his mighty power to act upon..
so for now im letting go of whatever is this.. >:D<


  1. hahahaha.. shut up mo duha.. :D
    its a recitation u know.. hahaha :P

  2. hala! MEAN! we're just asking, you know! hahahaha!

  3. hehehe.. >:D<
    the day i fall in love.. :D

  4. hehehehe.. klaro mana.. :P
    hmmmm.. u think i am?