Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sinking in...

Yesterday, Haidee toured me around the city. We went to Suntec, Merlion Park and VivoCity. The malls here are awesome and gigantic.. :D The place is so clean and everything is systematic. The people is so disciplined. Guess everything here is well-maintained.

I enjoyed the whole laag experience, only that my feet hurt and my stomach is not that well. Its maybe because of the new things they need to get acquainted to.. hehehe!

Now its my 3rd day here and my first time to be alone in the house.. :( Guess its sinking in already.. i miss my family and friends in cebu.. miss kabul and basyang.. miss manang and ginger.. miss william.. miss itat.. miss manoy.. miss onad.. miss my papa.. huhuhu. This is the first time i cried since i arrived and i really feel sad.. but i need to move forward and make way to the life i chose to in the first place.. i decided this so i have to do this.. Just hope that the loneliness i feel will eventually fade.

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