Saturday, October 1, 2011

Till we see each other again..

Today, we had our photoshoot with chooks at Family Park, Talamban. Thats their way of saying goodbye to their one and only cute and pretty ate.. hehehe! We really had fun and i had poses to my heart's content, with the help also of our choreographer, Joey. Anyway, today is a great day indeed.

Looking back at the images, i have realized that i surely will miss these guys. Just wanna say thank you for making my stay at alliance worthwhile and for being there. We'll always be chooks no matter what.. =) I love you all.
To some goodbyes may mean forever, some would say its now or never, but somehow it doesn't really matter its the years we've had together.  =(

1 comment:

  1. Nagdrama na pud ka sis...:((
    Na sad na pud ko...huhuhu!
    I knew that it's not goodbye but somehow, it's hard to think na separate na gyud atong mga ways. I hope our being chooks will not change even if we're all miles apart away from each other! aja!