Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Till next time ristie mari!!!

We had our last dinner and coffee session with ristie tonight.. :( I feel sad that she is leaving for japan again.. somehow it makes me feel alone for the 2nd time. This is not really goodbye coz we will definitely see each other again may it be here in the Philippines or wherever life takes us.. So for now im looking forward to my own endeavor as she is to her.. :D So rist, till next time.. and i know you'll be okay. What u are going through is hard but u can do it! Be strong and be firm.. Always remember: i skype rako pirmi.. ahahaha! You take good care of yourself kay mg thailand pata.. ahahaha. Ill miss u.. ug promise dli nko ma sad.. :P

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  1. uu, mag asia trip pata! haha.. mwuah mwuah! kadali ra lgi ni ang 6mnths.. thank u 4 evrythng! 4 simply being there 4 me! wil mishuuu 2! tc pd ngad2!! im just a chat away pd..:-)