Sunday, November 13, 2011


Tomorrow will be my first day at work. Waa! I am excited but at the same time scared. Its my first time to work in a foreign land, will the people at work understand me - the way i convey to them? Im in a mix of both worlds.. hehehe! Anyway, i can do this.. (seems like that's the ultimate phrase i always use whenever im scared, huh? :D ) So help me God. :-)

This Nov 16 is my first monthsary , somehow i begin to embrace the life here. Though, i still feel sad whenever i think about cebu but i just wipe those thoughts out.. heheh!

My first month is a productive one, i was able to go to places alone already without using any mobile help even if i got lost several times. ahahaha! i got to meet and make friends. i got to explore singapore from one end to another (end-to-end solutions, sounds familiar?! ). i tasted some local food. i tried balancing in the train. tried also that auntie misunderstood everything i said. hehehe! but the thing that i am truly proud of is able to live life all by myself - its me who washes my clothes and irons them, i cook my food and also cook for my housemates (though failure sometimes.. :D ) and clean the house. I considered that as something to be proud of because in cebu i normally don't do those things.. hehehe. I just wake up, take a bath and eat and go to work. Here i need to think of what to eat and do the cooking. Though its hard at first but i can say now that i am getting used to this life already.. hehehe.


  1. super nice sis :)
    congrats to many things!
    you did really well!