Thursday, December 1, 2016

I am back!

Hey there blog! It's been a long time. 😁 Anyways, I remember you as I walked home. So here I am again, trying to write and hopefully I will improve it over time. So you'd be seeing me a lot here, I guess. hehe!

Now I don't know what to write in here.. oh well! I am not articulate in writing but anyways, how about this, let's talk about the awesome thing I did today at my workplace (it's a small thing though), I gave someone food. Actually, I have been thinking of giving that person food whenever I see him selling tissues in a wheelchair but for so long, was not able to do it coz I was afraid he might not accept it or he might say I need money more than food. But today, I had the guts to do that, my officemate even told me to just harden my heart to whatever his reaction might be. But alas! when I handed him the food saying Merry Christmas, he smiled and say thank you! How happy I was to hear that. It's really just a small thing but the happiness I had upon seeing him smile was so great. So with that, I've realized that happiness is not just merely receiving things but in giving as well. So how about let's make it a goal to help or give others a small piece of us and let's see how can this make a difference in our lives. Till next time.. 😉

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