Tuesday, February 2, 2010


i dont know.. its just that i need to write something.. but i could not figure out what exactly..hehehe.. adik! nglagot diay ko ganina pg uli nko bah.. nakasakay ko ug hubog.. as in.. nganu mgpalabi mn ug inom nga moabot na ana nga point.. why people dont tend to stop doing things they cant carry and manage? tsk3! anyhow, im happy that i am alive.. hehehe.. im happy i have my family with me. im happy i have my friends and relatives.. im happy that im breathing.. im happy that im loving myself more now.. im happy that i am now finally moving on.. im happy that im learning something everyday about life.. im happy that i got hurt and learned from it.. im happy that im stronger now.. im happy that i am ready.. :)

dghna i.. lagi nlng ako dah.. hehehe :) kamu npd.. :D

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